ДвигательПроизводитель двигателя: 2236
Модель двигателя: 3054T
Число цилиндров: 4
Габаритные размерыДорожный просвет: 297mm
MoreLoad Height - Std: 3613mm
Reach From Swivel - Std: 5650mm
Dig Depth - Std: 4390mm
Reach At Load Height - Std: 862mm
Bucket Rotation: 205degrees
Loading Reach - Standard: 1.73m
Bucket Dig Force - Ext: 6616.1kg
Bucket Dig Force - Standard: 6673.26kg
Bucket Dig Force - Std: 6673.26kg
Dig Depth - Ext: 5510mm
Dig Depth - Standard: 4.4m
E-Stick Extended (1): 5.52m
E-Stick Extended (2): 6.68m
E-Stick Extended (3): 6616.1kg
E-Stick Extended (4): 2806.83kg
E-Stick Extended (5): 1869.26kg
E-Stick Retracted (1): 4.48m
E-Stick Retracted (2): 5.71m
E-Stick Retracted (3): 6616.1kg
E-Stick Retracted (4): 3819.71kg
E-Stick Retracted (5): 4053.31kg
Load Height - Ext: 4175mm
Loading Height - Standard: 3.61m
Reach At Load Height - Ext: 751mm
Reach From Swivel - Ext: 6675mm
Stick Dig Force - Standard: 3897.72kg
Transport Length: 6974mm
Транспортная ширина: 2352mm
Transport Height: 3585mm
Колесная база: 2100mm
Clearance At Max Dump Height: 2544mm
Reach At Max Dump Height: 835mm
Dig Depth: 135mm
Bucket Breakout Force: 45.1kN
Bucket Capacity: 0.96m3
Dig Depth - Single Tilt: 127mm
Bucket Width - General Purpose: 89 ft
Lift Capacity At Full Height: 2896kg
Bucket Width: 2262mm
Полная мощность: 65.7kw
Полезная мощность: 63.4kw
Power Measured @: 2200rpm
Displacement: 4L
Bore: 100.1mm
Stroke: 127mm
Net Power - Sae J1349: 63.4kw
Gross Power - Sae J1995: 65.7kw
Модель двигателя стандартная: Cat 3054T
Net Power (Optional) - Iso 9249: 63.4kw
Net Power (Optional) - Iso 1585: 63.4kw
Operating Weight 4wd: 7150kg
Емкость топливного бака: 128L
Turning Radius: 5350mm
Tire Size Front - 2wd / 4wd: 11Lx16,12PR/12.5 / 80×18,10PR
Rear Tires Size 2wd/4wd: 19.5×24,10PR / 19.5L24,10PR
Reverse - 4th: 32.9km/h
Forward - 4th (1): 32.9km/h
Reverse - 2nd (1): 9.4km/h
Reverse - 3rd (1): 19.4km/h
Forward - 4th (2): 19.2km/h
Forward - 5th: 32.2km/h
Reverse - 2nd (2): 12.3km/h
Reverse - 3rd (2): 23.4km/h
Forward - 2nd (1): 9.4km/h
Forward - 3rd (1): 19.4km/h
Forward - 2nd (2): 9.2km/h
Forward - 3rd (2): 12.3km/h
Тип трансмиссии: Power shuttle
Number Of Forward Gears: 4
Number Of Reverse Gears: 4
Максимальная скорость (вперед): 32.8km/h
Максимальная скорость задним ходом: 32.8km/h
Operating Weight - Maximum: 9799.9kg
Operating Weight - Nominal: 7154.1kg
Counterweights - Option 1: 145.2kg
Pump Flow Capacity: 163L/min
Relief Valve Pressure: 22754kPa
Pump Type: Variable Flow, Axial Piston
Circuit Type: Load sensing, closed Center
Pump Capacity At 2,200 Rpm: 43 gal/min
System Pressure: 3300 psi
Steering Type: Front wheel
Power Steering: Hydrostatic
4wd Cylinder - Bore: 2.56 in
Brake System: Inboard, oil-immersed
Stroke (1): 223.6mm
Stroke (2): 210.9mm
2wd Cylinder - Bore: 69.9mm
Rod Diameter (1): 44.5mm
Rod Diameter (2): 36.1mm
Cab - Rops: SAE J397/SAE J1040 May 1994/ISO 3471 1994
Тормоза: SAE j1473 October 1990/ISO 3450 1996
Cab - Sound: ANSI/SAE J1166 Oct 98 is 78.5 dB(A)
Exterior Sound: SAE J88 April 95 is 73.0 dB(A)
Front Axle (4wd) - Static: 12260.2kg
Rear Axle - Static: 27774.9kg
Front Axle (2wd) - Static: 13752.5kg
Dynamic (1): 3167.5kg
Dynamic (2): 9261.5kg
Cooling System - A/C: 15.9L
Cooling System - High-Ambient: 16.7L
Топливный бак: 128.8L
Engine Oil - With Filter: 7.6L
Rear Axle: 24.3L
Front Axle (4wd): 7.6L
Front Axle - Planetaries: 0.8L
Hydraulic System: 79.5L
Hydraulic Tank: 37.9L
Transmission - Auto-Shift - 2wd: 15.2L
Transmission - Auto-Shift - Awd: 15.2L