Caterpillar D7R Series 2 бульдозер

Артикул: D7R Series 2 Категория: ,
ДвигательМодель двигателя: Cat 3176C
Габаритные размерыДорожный просвет: 414.02mm
MoreA-Blade Capacity: 3.89m3
A-Blade Width: 4.51m
Lgp S-Blade Capacity: 5.89m3
Lgp S-Blade Width: 4.55m
S-Blade Capacity: 5.17m3
S-Blade Width: 3.91m
Su - Blade Capacity: 6.87m3
Su - Blade Width: 3.7m
U-Blade Capacity: 8.35m3
U-Blade Width: 3.99m
Height - Rops/Canopy: 3.38m
Width - Without Blade: 241.3mm
Height: 3352.8mm
Width - With Blade: 2895.6mm
Length - Track On Ground: 2878.08mm
Track Gauge: 1981.2mm
Track On Ground - Lgp: 3166.88mm
Track Rollers/Side: 7
Carrier Rollers/Side: 1
Ground Contact Area: 4991 in
Ground Contact Area - Lgp: 5.8m2
Ground Pressure: 75.85kPa
Grouser Height: 76.2mm
Ground Pressure - Lgp: 6.6 psi
Track Rollers/Side - Lgp: 7
Pitch: 215.9mm
Width - Shoe: 558.8mm
Shoe Type: Extreme Service
Shoes/Side: 40
Shoes/Side - Lgp: 43
Width - Shoe - Lgp: 914.4mm
Width - Shoe - Optional: 609.6mm
Track Gauge - Lgp: 2234.95mm
Track On Ground: 238.76mm
Beam Cross Section: 343 x 279 mm 13.5 x 11 in
Number Of Pockets: 3
Ripper Type: Adjustable Parallelogram
Overall Beam Width: 2209.8mm
Maximum Penetration: 746.8mm
Pry-Out Force: 17469.3kg
Weight - With One Shank: 3370.7kg
Maximum Penetration Force: 8663.7kg
Полная мощность: 192.4kw
Displacement: 10.4L
Bore: 124.5mm
Stroke: 139.7mm
Net Power - Iso 9249: 179kw
Net Power - Sae J1349: 177.5kw
Flywheel Power: 179kw
Gross Power - Iso 14396: 188.7kw
Net Power - Din 70020: 248 PS
Net Power - Caterpillar: 179kw
Maximum Flywheel Power: 192.4kw
Net Power - Eu 80/1269: 179kw
Эксплуатационная масса: 25304.2kg
1.0 Forward: 3.6km/h
2.0 Forward: 6.1km/h
3.0 Forward: 10.6km/h
1.0 Reverse: 4.6km/h
2.0 Reverse: 7.9km/h
3.0 Reverse: 13.6km/h
Shipping Weight: 20629kg
Operating Weight - Lgp: 27443.8kg
Shipping Weight - Lgp: 22722.3kg
Operating Weight - Xr: 25880.2kg
Shipping Weight - Xr: 21206.4kg
Cooling System: 77.3L
Топливный бак: 478.9L
Final Drive - Each: 12.9L
Engine Crankcase: 31.1L
Power Train: 178L
Pivot Shaft Compartment: 1.9L
Roller Frames - Each: 24.7L
Bulldozer: 3307 psi
Tilt Cylinder: 2498 psi
Ripper - Pitch: 3300 psi
Ripper - Lift: 3300 psi
Steering: 5511 psi
Lift Cylinder Flow: 47.6 gal/min
Ripper Cylinder Flow: 47.6 gal/min
Tilt Cylinder Flow: 21.1 gal/min
Pump Capacity: 1015 psi
Rpm At Rated Engine Speed: 2231rpm
Flange Diameter: 609.6mm
Oil Capacity: 15.2L
Winch Model: PA110VS Variable Speed
Winch And Bracket Length: 1460.5mm
Диаметр вальца: 317.5mm
Ширина вальца: 337.9mm
Winch Case - Width: 1171mm
Масса*: 1894.3kg
Drum Capacity - 29 Mm (1.13 In): 84.2m
Ferrule Size (O.D. Length): 2.38 in x 2.56 in / 60 mm x 65 mm
Increased Tractor Length - Xr: 586.8mm
Drum Capacity - 24 Mm (1 In): 127.5m
Drum Capacity - 32 Mm (1.25 In): 58.9m