ДвигательЧисло цилиндров: 6
Генератор: 240 ampamps
MoreAutomatic Boom Height: NORAC®
Boom Length Options: 18/24/27, 18/30, or 27/37 m 60/80/90, 60/100, or 90/120 ft
Boom Sections: 7 or 9 sections on booms – 27/36 m 90/120 ft
Breakaway Width: For 27-m (90-ft) booms – 3 m 10 ft For 30-m (100-ft) booms – 3.8 m 12.5 ft For 36-m (120-ft) booms – 4.6 m 15 ft
Ground Height Adjustment: For 18/24/27-m and 18/30-m (60/80/90-ft and 60/100-ft) booms – 56 to 272 cm 22 to 107 in. For 27/37-m (90/120-ft) booms – 43.2 to 297.2 cm 17 to 117 in.
Plumbing Material: Stainless steel
Объем топливного бака: 662L
Displacement: 9L
Emission Level: Final Tier 4 (FT4)
Peak Rated Power: 279kw
Drive Train Type: Cross-coupled dual hydrostatic
Drive: Full-time four-wheel drive (4WD)
Shifting: Infinitely variable
Spray Speed Range: 0.8 to 32 km/h 0.5 to 20 mph
Transport Speed, Maximum: 56km/h
Tank Material: Stainless steel
Rinse Tank Capacity: 378.5L
Rate Control Make: John Deere Raven / Ag Leader® optional
Automatic Section Control: Optional
Display: John Deere GreenStar 2630
Solution System Control: John Deere
Fill Location: Front standard Side/rear optional
Chemical Injection Method: Raven Sidekick – optional
Chemical Eductor: Optional
Flow Meter Size: 5.8cm
Pressure Strainer: 50 mesh
Boom Strainer: Standard 80 mesh
Capacity: 6056L
Quick Fill Size: 7.6cm
Suspension: Independent air-ride
Колесная база: 422cm
Dry Compatible: No
Front Tires: 380/85 R46, 320/90 R46, 320/105 R54, or 380/90 R54
Rear Tires: 380/85 R46, 320/90 R46, 320/105 R54, or 380/90 R54
Flotation Tires: LSW 680/55R42
Hydraulic Tread Adjust: Optional
Wheel Tread Spacing: 305 to 386 cm 120 to 152 in.
Turning Radius: 7m
Parking Brakes: Integrated in final drives
Ladder Raise/Lower: Hydraulic
Total Weight With 120-Ft Boom: 13221kg
Primary Brakes: Drive system dynamic braking
Total Weight With 90-Ft Boom: 13339kg