ДвигательГенератор: 200amps
MoreBoom Pipes: 25 mm stainless steel
Breakaway: On the secondary boom wing
Height Adjustment: 559 or 2997 mm
Nozzle Body Options: 3 way, 5 way, 3+1
Nozzle Body Spacing: 381 or 508 mm
Sections: 5 section standard and 10 section optional
Tank Capacity: 4543 or 5300 L cross mounted
Tank Agitation Ss: Sparge tube
Rinse System: Manual or electric
Chemical Eductor: 14 L SS with or rinse system
Stainless Steel Tank: 4543 or 5300 L
Rinse Tank Capacity: 150 gal with 2 in quick fill
Fast Fill: 76 mm standard and 51 mm optional
Flow Control: RFM 100 / Optional RFM 60
Controller Options: Viper® 4+ or IntelliView IV™
Boom Height Control: Raven Ultraglide with ultrasonic sensors
Capacity: Foam injection uses 568 L rinse water, holds 11.4 L of foam concentrate
Air Compressor Standard: Engine driven
Make / Displacement Liter: Cummins QSL / 8.9 /Tier 4B
Def Tank Capacity: 56.8L
Объем топливного бака: 567.9L
Rated Power: 239kw
Power Bulge: 257kw
Тип трансмиссии: Hydrostatic drive with electronic controlled tandem Danfoss heavy-duty pumps
Speed Ranges: Full range with 4 user defined speed ranges
Wheel Motors: Danfoss H1 series drive motors with Oerlikon Fairfield Torque Hub® gearbox final drives
Service Brakes: 4 wheel internal wet disc
Parking Brakes: All 4 wheels
Wheel Drive: 4-wheel drive
Leg Profile: 457.2mm
System Capacity: 98 or 167 lpm option
Performance: Closed-center, pressure-compensated, Eaton pump with 2500 psi operating pressure
Cab Mount: Front-mount cab
Tank Mount: Mid-mount tank
Крепление двигателя: Rear-mount engine
Suspension: Hydraulic with accumulators
Overall Chassis Length: 9.3m
Overall Width - Mono Boom: 325m
Height: 402mm
Колесная база: 4496cm
Turning Radius: 4.6m
Frame: 100,000 psi high-strength steel