John Deere 9470RX Scraper Special 4х4 трактор полноприводный

Артикул: 9470RX Scraper Special Категория: ,
MoreПроизводитель двигателя: John Deere PowerTech™ PSS 13.5L
Compression Ratio: 16:0:1
Rated Power: 350.5kw
Displacement: 13.6L
Torque Rise: 38%
Max Power: 385.6kw
Aspiration: Dual series turbocharger w/fixed geometry first stage-variable geometry second stage – air-toair aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Rated Pto Power: 249.9kw
Bore And Stroke: 5.2 in. (132 mm) x 6.5 in. (165 mm
Объем топливного бака (дизель): 1514.2L
Crankcase Oil Volume: 48.1L
Def Tank: 83.3L
Cooling System: 56.5L
Alternator (12-V): 200 amps / 12 Volt – 240 amps / 12 Volt optional
Аккумуляторная батарея: 925 CCA-3
Filter Primary: 10 micron replaceable cartridge w/water indication sensor and drain
Filter Secondary: 2 micron spin-on element
Filter System: Two Stage with water separator and service indicator light
Hydraulic Power-Steering: Standard
Active Command Steering (Acs): Available
Maximum Operating Pressure: 19994.8kPa
Scv Control: 4 – 6 factory, up to 8 field installed
120 Mm Flanged: Standard
Rear Axle Supports: Available (with 30 or 36 in. tracks)
Front Axle Supports: Available (with sprayer tanks or dozer blade)
Wheelbase Length: 105511.6mm
Turning Radius: 21.0 ft (6400 mm) on Ag models / 30.0 ft (9144 mm) on Scraper Special models
Maximum Pump Flow: High-Flow: 435.4L/min
Description: Electric-Hydraulic 3-Point Hitch with Draft Sensing