John Deere 9570RX 4х4 трактор полноприводный

Артикул: 9570RX Категория: ,
MoreПроизводитель двигателя: Cummins
Семейство: QSX15
Cylinder Liners: Wet sleeve
Объем топливного бака: 1514.2L
Displacement: 0.3L
Aspiration: Single Variable geometry turbocharger air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Optional: 45 mm 20-spline 1000 rpm 1.75 in.
Advertised Engine: 425.1kw
Max Torque Rise: 38%
Advertised Pto: 249.9kw
Track Widths: 762mm
Pump Rated Output 1: 219.6L/min
Maximum Operating Pressure: 19994.8kPa
Rated Flow @ One Scv: 132.5L/min
Sensing Type: Electrohydraulic
Hydraulic Type: Closed-center, pressure/flow compensated
Pump Rated Output: 435.4L/min
Hitch Lift Cap: 6803.9kg
Final Drive Type: Bull gear and double idler with floating pinion
Brakes, Type And Control: Hydraulic power, wet disk, self adjusting on front and rear axle