New Holland T6.145 трактор (4х2)

Артикул: T6.145 Категория: ,
ДвигательМодель двигателя: Fiat Powertrain Technology (FPT) NEF
Тип двигателя: Turbo Diesel with High Pressure Common Rail with Electronic Fuel Delivery Control
Число цилиндров: 4
MoreFwd Wheelbase - Standard Fwd: 2642mm
Fwd Wheelbase - Suspended Fwd: 2684mm
Height, Top Of Cab - High Roof: 2925mm
Height, Top Of Cab - Low Roof: 2712mm
Overall Length -Supersteer: 4655mm
Rated Engine: 86.6kw
Max Boosted Engine: 108.2kw
Tier 4b Emissions System: ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR System (Selective Catalytic Reduction, After Treatment only)
No. Of Valves: 4
Service Interval: 600 hours
Rated Engine Speed: 2100rpm
Def/Adblue® Tank Capacity: 39.5L
Pto: 70.9kw
Displacement: 4.5L
Aspiration: Turbo Charger with Air-to-Air Intercooled
Emission Level: Final Tier 4B
Alternator (12-V): 120 Amp Std. Value & Plus, 150 Amp Std. Elite and Auto Command with 200 Amp Opt.
Аккумуляторная батарея: 12 volt, 1300 CCA
Minimum Shipping Weight: 4790kg
Average Shipping Weight: 5160kg
Maximum Shipping Weight: 5676kg
Steering Pump Flow: 47L/min
Deluxe Rear Remote Options: 2 Mechanical Remotes Standard with 3 and 4 remotes Optional
Mid-Mount Valve Options: 2 or 3 Mechanical or 2 or 3 Electronic